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  • Mission


    We are warriors in the fight to end hunger.  46.5 million people in the US,

    including 12 million children and 7 million seniors go hungry. 


    Our mission is to feed the hungry and homeless in our local communities. 

    We do it by having fun, inspiring and uniting students to become an

    unstoppable force to change lives forever.


    We are changing the way to help the hungry and invite you to

    Join the Revolution!


  • About Us


    We are a devoted team of college students who are passionate about ending hunger in our local communities.


    Bread Run was founded in 2012 by high school students on Long Island as a way to bring the community together to fight hunger and homelessness. Bread Run has reached official 501(c)(3) status, and is now spreading across college campuses nationwide.


    Since its beginnings, Bread Run has used serious fun to raise funds to fight hunger. A “Bread Run” is a competitive capture the flag-like game, where Bakers compete against Bakers to grab the most Bread without getting tagged. ‘Sponsors’ bet on the bakers they think will win, thereby increasing the funds collected.


    It’s an exciting, exhilarating and challenging game.


    Are you in? Let’s dough it!

  • Come and Play!

    Upcoming Events:

  •  Meet the Team!

    Danielle Rubenfeld

    Founder and President

    Brenna Leary

    Vice President of Corporate Outreach

    Bryson Owens

    Vice President of PR and Media Relations

    Lauren Evershed

    Vice President of Marketing

    Jen Lo

    Vice President of Operations

    Makie Lin

    Vice President of Finance

    Ashland Stansbury

    Co-Event Chair

    Kaylee Mendez

    Vice President of Community Relations

  • How To Play

    The game that's captivating college students across the country!


    Teams composed of 10 Bakers compete in a bracket style competition to find out who can bake the most bread.


    Similar to Capture the Flag, Bakers (players) on opposite sides must race across enemy territory to steal a piece of (fake) bread, without getting tagged. Bread is laid out on the ground and the opposing team has to grab it and put it in their oven (bin). If tagged the Baker is sent directly to the opposing team's pantry and must wait until tagged by a fellow Baker. The first team to collect the most bread in the allotted time wins!


    It's fast-paced and competitive with a mission to help.


    Must wear baker hats and unite as a team to steal the bread to bake for the hungry.

    Sponsorship Carnival

    On game day, local and national sponsors exhibit, give away prizes, and donate to fight hunger on a grass roots level.

  • Learn How to Play:

    It's Simple but Challenging

  • Bread Run Campus Ambassador Program

    Are you passionate about fighting hunger? Are you an influencer on campus?  Are you a creative marketer? 

    Do you love to have fun?


    • Help feed the hungry and homeless
    • Gain excellent experience in marketing, social media, event planning, non-profit fundraising, sponsorship, public relations, advertising and entrepreneurship
    • Great way to build your resume and experience
    • Get Free Stuff (T-shirts and more!)
    • Free VIP admission to all Bread Run Events
    • Meet and network with more people on campus and make job connections
    • Have FUN!!!


    • Currently registered full-time student at a U.S. university
    • Passionate about helping the hungry and changing the world
    • Strong social marketing and leadership skills
    • Full understanding of Bread Run (see breadrun.org)
    • Connections to students and organizations at your school


    Bread Run Ambassadors are vital to spreading the mission of Bread Run to college students across the country.  

    As a BR Campus Ambassador, you will work with Bread Run Corp. and school staff to:

    • Organize and implement a Bread Run charity event on your campus
    • Reach out to students and organizations and get them to help with the event and to join the game
    • Publicize the event on campus to get sponsors and maximize your school’s fundraising effort.

    It’s easy to get started.  Just complete and submit the form below

  • Join the Bread Run Ambassador Team!

    Help the Hungry, Build your Experience, & Have a Blast! 

  • Our Sponsors

    NOIZY Brands


    CTR Business Advisors


    Clinton Global Initiative University


    Sam's Club


  • Would you like to help the cause?

    We greatly appreciate every donation!

  • Sponsorship

    Sponsor Partners

    Looking for a way to really make a difference and help the hungry? Want a unique way to get your company name and message in front of college students and local communities? Then partner with Bread Run.org and sponsor the most awesome fundraising game on the planet!

    With events at college campuses nationwide, our sponsors have the opportunity to get the attention of all players and spectators at the college, the school itself and its neighbors, with exposure on-site at the campus and beyond on the internet and social media and placement in the press and other media. Sponsoring a Bread Run provides an exceptional opportunity to help and reach thousands in your market in a meaningful way.

    Please contact our Sponsor Coordinator at breadrun1@gmail.com to learn more about our awesome Bread Run sponsorship opportunities.

    Charity Partners

    Are you a hunger/homeless related non-profit looking to raise funds for in a fun, unique and effective way? Use our Bread Run event to raise funds and awareness for your 501(c)(3). Email us at breadrun1@gmail.com to learn more about how you can host an event or partner with a local educational institution to raise funds.

    Corporate Event Partners

    Ready for the best corporate team building experience ever? Join the fight to end hunger with a Bread Run Corporate Challenge at your company. Collaborate – Communicate – Connect – Compete with the most awesome fundraising game on the planet! A Bread Run Corporate Challenge is a fast-paced, collaborative experience that keeps participants engaged and motivated to have fun while making a difference in the lives of families in the local community. Start to finish, Bread Run Corporate supports logistics and planning. Your job is to get the team ready to go! Contact us for more information on Bread Run Corporate Challenge at breadrun1@gmail.com

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